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While CBD growth and popularity are on a rapid rise, most banks still consider CBD-related products as “High Risk”. This has to do with the uncertainty of current laws as well as changing regulations.

What does this mean for those like yourself who want to accept credit cards for their CBD business? It means that getting a proper merchant account to accept credit and debit card transactions can be very difficult or problematic if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But the good news is, now thanks to CBD Merchant Services, we’re making setting up a new merchant account both simple and painless. We understand the CBD industry, and we also know the financial side of it as well.

“Our friendly experts here at CBD Merchant Services promise to go above and beyond for all your merchant account needs in order to get you set up the right way!”

We know how critical it is to have a reliable processor in order to accept debit and credit card payments from your loyal customers. This will not only help your business grow in profitability, but it’ll also allow you smooth and seamless transactions and keep your customers happy at the same time.

Here are the current CBD products we currently support:

  • Topicals
  • Ingestibles
  • Edibles
  • Tincture Items
  • Vape (Oil or Liquid Only)

Here’s The Simple 3-Step Process We Use In Order To Provide You The Best Service Possible!

Step #1: Discovery

The first step we take is looking very closely at your needs and goals for your CBD business. By understanding what you want to accomplish, we can narrow down the perfect merchant solution for your specific needs.

Step #2: Alignment

The second step we take is creating a match between your specific needs and the solutions we have to offer you. This way we can properly align what we have to offer you with exactly what you need, and nothing more.

Step #3: Implementation

The third and final step is where the real fun begins. Once we’ve determined your needs, goals and objectives and matched it with the right solution we have to offer you, we then help you get your merchant account implemented.

“We spent months getting our business set up and one of the last items to complete was a merchant account. We spent two months getting declined and were finally referred to CBD Merchant Services by one of our vendors. Luckily for us they took the time to understand our unique needs and then matched us with a solution accordingly. No other company ever took the time to understand our business; they just jumped right into an application. As a result, I don’t think our business model was clearly communicated to the underwriting department so we were continually getting declined. We can’t thank CBD Merchant Services enough for procuring a merchant account for us because accepting credit cards is an integral part of our business. Thank you!”

Jay – U.S. Based Merchant

We’re Here To Help Ensure Your Continued Success That Goes Well Beyond The Approval Process!

Once you’ve been approved and your merchant account has been implemented for your CBD business, we’re going to continue to help you on your path to success.

We’ll provide you continuous support and hassle-free processing so you can focus on what’s most important to you – growing your CBD business. This also means growing your business without the fear of your account getting closed down.

On top of the approval, implementation and on-going support, we’ll also provide you all the vital tools you need to run your business, track sales, view your monthly fees and so much more. Our goal is to help you run a smooth business that boosts profits and makes for satisfied CBD customers.

WHAT Exactly Is The 2018 US Farm Bill and HOW Does It Affect Your CBD Business?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the differences between Industrial Hemp (the plant addressed in the 2018 Farm Bill) and Marijuana. Both are varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant, but Industrial Hemp is classified by law as containing less than 0.3% of THC (the psychoactive compound found in Marijuana).

In contrast to Industrial Hemp, Marijuana has abundant amounts of THC with concentrations that average between 15% to 40%. The official separation of Hemp and its industrial and therapeutic uses will now place the regulation and control directly under the Department of Agriculture.

“This means GOOD NEWS if you’re a merchant selling Hemp and CBD products because it will actually help your business in many very positive ways!”

Here Are A Few Noteworthy Points From The 2018 Farm Bill…

  • Banks and payment processors/credit card companies can service the hemp industry
  • The 2018 Farm Bill removes hemp from the Controlled Substances Act
  • The 2018 Farm Bill confers on the Department of Agriculture (“DOA”) authority over hemp, including CBD derived from hemp
  • No laws will be erected to prohibit the interstate transportation of hemp, or CBD that’s derived from hemp
  • The Food and Drug Administration may intensify its involvement with CBD as more products for human consumption hit the market
  • CBD derived from unlawful marijuana is still unlawful (over 0.3 percent THC)

Here’s Why CBD Merchant Services Stands Out From The Rest of The Competition

There are only a few banks that allow the sale of many CBD-related products, however none of them allow any vape products. But the good news is, we do as long as the vape products are in oil or wax form only. But that’s not the only way we stand out from the rest of the competition. We also offer…

  • High Approval Rates For New & Existing CBD Merchants!
  • Fast, Friendly & Reliable Customer Support!
  • Reliable, Innovative & Personalized Processing Solutions!
  • Over 40+ Years of Combined Experience Placing High-Risk Merchants!
  • We’re Domestic! Located Right Here in The Great USA!

More About The Expert Team Behind CBD Merchant Solutions!

First of all, we’d like to say thank you for visiting CBD Merchant Solutions. For the past 15 years our vast team of financial experts have been providing domestic merchant accounts, fraud management solutions, credit card terminals, POS software and equipment, gateway processing solutions, business cash advances, messaging services, gift and loyalty programs and much more to thousands of satisfied customers.

If you’re a business owner in located in the USA or in an International location accepts credit/debit cards either in person or via online e-commerce (or is considered more high-risk), we’re here to help you find an affordable and reliable merchant solution!

We know how important and profitable it is to be able to accept debit/credit cards with your own CBD business. In fact, studies have proven that the more payment options a business has, the more likely a buyer will not only make a purchase, but it also increases impulse purchases, joining loyalty programs and boosting the overall amount per transaction.

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